Knowledge and experience
Q1. How would you describe your understanding of the financial and investment market?
I don't understand investing and would rather rely on someone else to advise me on investing.

I don't really understand the financial and investment market.

I believe I have a reasonable understanding of investing. I understand the importance of diversifying my portfolio.

I have a good understanding of investing. I understand that different market sectors offer varying income, growth and taxation options.

I am an experienced investor. I understand all the investment sectors and the various factors which can influence investment performance.

Q2. How would you describe your confidence in making investment decisions?
I am not confident making investment decisions. I usually don't do any investing or I rely heavily on a financial adviser for advice.

I am not very confident making investment decisions but I still give it a go.

I am reasonably confident.

I am confident in my knowledge of investments. I feel pretty confident that I make the right decision.

I am very confident when it comes to investing. I have a thorough knowledge of investing and how to watch the markets to allow me to make an educated decision.

Q3. As an investor I would describe myself as:
A very inexperienced investor.

A fairly inexperienced investor.

A fairly experienced investor.

An experienced investor.

A very experienced investor.